Note regarding VPN; EZproxy; On-Campus Access. If you are using a computer on campus that is connected to the Purdue campus network, you will be connected automatically to library electronic resources; no log-in is required. Campus computers are granted automatic access to library electronic resources because they have a Purdue IP address.

Purdue University offers several popular software packages to individuals, departments, and colleges at the University. Availability restrictions, versions offered, distribution means, and cost of software result from the agreement details between Purdue University and the specific software vendor. (VPN one-time configuration continued) Type in the Server Address field Type your Purdue user name in the ^Account Name field (without the Click the ^Authentication Settings… button (next page) To access your Data Depot directory, enter \\\depot\mylab where mylab is your research group name. Your Data Depot directory should now be mounted as a drive in the Computer window. Mac OS X: In the Finder, click Go > Connect to Server; In the Server Address enter the following information and click Connect: Since it is a remote server, researchers can connect from either a PC or MAC anywhere on campus. You can also connect from anywhere outside of campus through a secure VPN connection. Jobs are started on the remote server and left running without taking up resources on the researcher’s local computer.

Search for Purdue University, and select "Purdue University Libraries - Full Text at Purdue". Click on "Save." Now the Full Text at Purdue link should appear in Google Scholar each time you run a search from off campus. When you click the Full Text at Purdue link you will see vendors that provide the item through the Purdue Universtiy Libraries.

Create or open a VPN connection to ITaP's VPN server. Specific instructions are available at Note that as of September 14, 2018, the VPN requires 2-factor authentication. For support issues with the VPN, please contact ITaP directly by calling 49-44000 or e-mailing Purdue AirLink, known as PAL, is the wireless network utilized on the University’s West Lafayette campus. It connects wireless-ready laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices to the Purdue network and, through the Purdue network, to the Internet. PAL is accessible in most areas on campus

From your personal desktop or laptop, you can can access your home directory by setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Once connected to the campus network, you can map a network drive to access it, or use any Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) program to access your files.

IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19: All Purdue Libraries are closed until further notice. All Libraries services have moved online. We are unable to provide access, delivery, scanning, or lending of any physical books or materials at t