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Jun 10, 2020 How to find my hue bridge ip address | Hue Tips The number “” is the ip address assigned to this specific bridge. Your ip address will most likely be slightly different than in the picture. If you are using a device not on the same network as your bridge or your bridge has not been assigned an ip address by your router, it … Finding Your IP Address - Cox Communications Result: Your IP address displays in the network specifics. iPad : From the Home Screen, tap the Settings icon. Select General from the Settings menu. Choose the Network option from the General sub-menu. Select the network you are currently connected to from the list in the WiFi Networks sub-menu. Result: The iPad's connection and router

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The tricky part is the default IP address for the router. On my previous TP-Link router, the default IP address for LAN is, and the DS215j had a static IP address On the Antbang router for our new home, the default IP address for LAN is Ideally, I want the DS215j to use on the new